Friday, March 14, 2008

some things about me:

so i have been doing some traveling - central texas and the bay area for work, and some stress - home buying is a bitch. here is what i learned:

 - i can kick ass on a sales call, but overconfidence can be one's downfall. i need to remember to stay contrite. 
 - i can navigate texas like a pro! i didn't get lost once, didn't wreck a company car and made all my appointments on time. all the people who think i am a bad driver (which is pretty much everyone) can suck it. and i mean that in the nicest way possible. 
 - i am in love with the san francisco area. after driving around all week, brunch in palo alto, lunch in san jose, driving across bays and dinners with skyline sunsets, i fell in love. when can i move exactly?
 - i finally broke my "no one is good enough for my friends" rule. i have never seen heather so happy. i am loving STM.
 - i don't like spending weeks away from the boy. hotel rooms may sound fun, but they also can suck it. 
 - i am dreading firing our realtor, who is also a family friend and the mother of someone i have known since i was 8. i will never hire friends again. 
 - i can loose weight really quickly if i just eat right. i think i lost 3 just this past week on salads, fish and lots of water. i have new motivation from my through the roof cholesterol... no more eggs and butter for me. bah. 
 - i watch WAY too much tv.

i miss cooking, but need to cut back on the cheese dishes, pastries, fresh pasta, etc, which will be hard, but doable. just like i made the switch to more complicated dishes after the wedding, i need to go back to the way i was cooking - steamed fish, sautéed veggies and brown rice.  booo. 


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