Sunday, October 16, 2005

the lake was a LOT bigger than I thought it would be....

Nitty gritty for now, more to come later..

10/14 - egg white omelet, two rolls of sushi and soup, half a chicken parm sub and half a salad / 15 minutes of step class. i sat for the other 45 minutes with my twisted ankle elevated and holding back tears of humiliation and self loathing

10/15 - cereal, second half of sub (sans bread, it was gross), yogurt, chicken Caesar salad, air plane crackers, milk and two oreos / NO exercise bc I suck and have a twisted ankle

looking forward to my first good hair day in weeks. Yah to Utah and boo to weeks of rain in the NE!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:03 AM  
Blogger si gracieuse said...

But it's not raining here anymore! Today was bee-yootiful.

And I miss you already! *sniff*

1:46 AM  

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