Monday, June 26, 2006

swing kids

i will present the facts as josh presented them to me and then you guys tell me what you think...

1 - the older couple upstairs entertains a lot. a new car is in their driveway almost every night and a differnt couple walks out of thier door almost every sunday morning, suitcase in hand
2 - their recylcing bin is filled to the brim with wine bottles every two weeks. once i took the bigger bin by accident and he came down and asked for it back. apparently "his girlfriend like her wine"
3 - thursday night martinis are in full effect
4 - he owns an all white track suit.

i simply think that they are a nice older couple who are enjoying retirement in the manner that they want and have a lot of visitors bc they have a lot of friends and that tends to happen when it is just the two of you in a three bedroom.

josh suspects something else....

if josh IS right, then i am so glad that the ceiling muffle the noise. i just couldn't deal


Anonymous Allie said...

LOL! I will help you do some recon next time I come over.

2:18 PM  

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