Monday, June 19, 2006

all bets are off

i know you are all dying to know what the outcome of my to do list on friday was, so here it is. i did get up and 8 and do chores for a few hours, but then found the couch for a few more. went for a walk, but not swimming, and managed to go grocery shopping and to target, but did not pick up the framed posters from the shop, which means josh will have to do it after work, which is bad, since it was my job (the place closes at 6, which is about the time josh gets home with the car and i will be away next weekend). then everyone came over and we got eaten alive my mosquitos and went to a party and played asshole for like 4 hours. i had a blast, especially since my cards rocked the kasbah and my usual stupidity in the game didn't need to be a factor due the aforementioed awesome cards. that, and i rule. merry and i were the best looking prez and vice ever.

then saturday, we slept in and went for yet another walk around mt auburn cemetary. it is SO pretty. i plan on taking the audio tour when the weather gets a little cooler and the leaves start changing. the landscaping is wonderful - it is designed by the same person who did central park and the commons. then we lazed about and tried a new place that a former teacher and ex-watertownian recommeded. good and cheap, but not fantasic. the sauce was salty - enough said.

sunday was the BEACH! the alarm went off and i snoozed for a little too long, but it was ok in the end. had a great time and got a work out too! the beach was in a bay and it was low tide, so the water was a half a mile from our towel. you had to wade through about a quarter of a mile of calf deep water to get to non-90 degree water and cool off. it was fine, but by the time you got back to the towel, you were dry. a bit of a thigh workout, but josh felt it more than me, since all the swimming has given me tree truck thighs that look fat but are really all muscle and all my old dresses look tight and blah. but at least it is muscle and i really like the swimming, so i will complain but won't stop.

father's day was low key. we tried to call my mom in katmandoo, but her cell phone was not working. i will try her tonight if possible. glad she made it back to the base safe and sound. she should be in delhi by now.

this week is fairly booked, gym and cleaning today (yes, i know i cleaned on friday, our house as a prpensity for sloveninty - yes i made that word up), salsa lessons on tuesday and dinner out on wednesday. thursday gym and friday back to NYC! if the city is still baking, maybe i can convince my lovely fellow tex-ass crew members to hit up jones beach? :)


Blogger H said...

HA! tree truck thighs!!

so glad the "texass girls" continue to use their moniker...

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