Friday, May 12, 2006

a fiend!

i have been a reading FIEND i tell you! four books on one and a half weeks and i am ready for the next one. and i love it. i loved the last two books especially and cannot wait to take up the next, but i think this has more to do than with just my love of books. i have this character "flaw" where the main side effect is being well read. bad thing? not sure...

i have the insatiable need "to know". i need to know what i am doing for the next two weeks, what i am making for dinner what i am wearing for days in advance. i need to know what my birthday present will be, what my christmas present will be, what my diwali present will be. i needed to know what was bought off the registry the minute it was bought and by whom (if they had a email service that notified you everytime someone got something, i would have been ALL over that) and i need to know how the book ends as soon as i get introduced the the characters. "ahab's wife" opens with "ahab was not my first husband, nor my last." which was TORTURE, bc then all i wanted to know was who she married after ahab. i enjoyed the book immensly, but the desire to obtain that last bit of info propelled me to my peace of mind. "orynx and crake" (which kept me up well past my bedtime last night) alternates between a post apololyptic world and the events leading up to what caused the apocolypse. i NEEDED to know what caused it. if i hadn't lost sleep finishing the book, i would have lost sleep predicting the reason. (the book was amazing. i cannot stress how much of an effect it had on me. long after i put it away and turned off the light, i lay awake thinking about the world we live in and where it is going. orwell and huxley all spoke of human nature and what could happen, but they did not have the technology we have now. margaret atwood wrote of atrocities that have footholds in today's medicine and economics. it was amazing.)

i do everything in my power to not read the last ten pages when i start a book. i used to, but have no taken to reading reviews online - maybe they will give me a piece of the puzzle. i often use my english major powers of skimming and speed reading, which allow me to reach my destination with a sigh of relief, but probably take away from the experience of the book. after i found out who she married after ahab, i put it down with a sense of closure and later came back to the last few pages out of duty.

when i read your all's writing (in high school, college papers, addmission essays, etc) i always read the last para first. i need to know where it is going - i need to know if the beginning matches the end. no anticpation for me.

is this one of my endearing qualities - testamant to my thirst for knowledge, or something that will keep me up nights with my bloodshot eyes scanning pages, that will ruin surprise parties and presents? well, a litle OCD never hurt anyone... right?


Anonymous Allie said...

I'm sooo the opposite - the thought of ruining a surprise or somehow cheating myself out of an experience drives me to distraction. There's nothing better than knowing a big juicy secret is waiting for me on the horizon...

5:00 PM  
Blogger si gracieuse said...

i'm with allie. anticipation always makes the experience so much better. :o)

but you're no more ocd than anyone else i know... and that says a lot! heeee.

8:49 PM  

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