Thursday, November 30, 2006


so i got my hairlighted. the image i wanted to show you was me, sitting in my black robe, with a vanity fair in one hand and vidal sassoon coffee in the other, hair all tinfoiled up, legs crossed and looking oh so grown up. but since vidal wouldnt appriciate a flash going off and i would have been a big dork if i asked someone to take a picture of me, here is what i could get on my own:

also - the OC obsession grows! ryan and taylor are SO going to get it on! and summer was betrayed by che and kicked out of brown. bummer.

and last but not least, i learned what happens when you bake but dont measure:

too little flour:

enough flour, too much heat:

just right!


Blogger si gracieuse said...


"COOKIECOOKIECOOKIE! Chooooocolate chips don't do THAT to people..."

Is it wrong that even the flourless / overfloured ones are making me drool? This chocolate obsession REALLY needs to stop.

3:24 PM  

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