Friday, November 17, 2006


i never watched 90210 or melrose place or any soap operas when i was younger; we were simply not allowed to watch "trash". i never went through that teen drama phase.

until the OC. josephine and i started watching it when it premiered, and although she stayed impervious, for the most part, i got sucked in very quickly. we would both watch and yell things at the TV and laugh at how crazy the plotlines were. people at work watched and it was always fun to scream about how nuts everything was and who kissed who and who is gay and who shot who and how cute so and so is. but then the show turned to crap and even i stopped watching. i hated marissa, the plotline revolved around her and her stupid problems and she was painfully thin to watch (yes, i know a lof of us were thin at 18, but really...) it was a soap at its worst.

so when the marissa free season started up, i tuned in a again and am LOVING it. back are realistic plotline, back are developing characters, back is the witty dialogue and one liners, back is the superb acting by melinda clarke and kelly rowan (too bad they will never get an emmy nod). back are my girlish squeals when someone shows up with no shirt on, back are my gasps of disbelief, and back are the friday morning giggles with co-workers about what happened the night before. i was actually giddy when telling josh that ryan and summer are SO going to get it on and that sandy's new work friend is totally evil and how cute the nose tap was after ryan fake-kissed taylor to prove to her french husband's lawyer that she was unfaithful (becca, there are entire scenes in french now:) )

josh refused to watch this "trash" but i can't stay away. i have this intense crush on one of the major characters (almost to the point of ridiculousness) and it is only getting worse. i am wrapped up in summer and seth's dealing with how she changed after going off to brown. and i am actually liking the julie/kaitlin plotline that is unfolding. quality TV in a nighttime soap? reliving my teen years through the magic of TV? maybe a little of both.

is it next thursday yet?


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