Sunday, November 12, 2006

gnocchi - finally

so i have been talking about making it for weeks, and today i finally sat down and actually did it. and it came out quite well! a little dense - so i may have to play with the ratios and kneading time. i also added a couple of handfuls of parmesan, which gave it a salty kick. that part is a keeper.

oh, and i got a pasta rack! doesn't it look pretty:)

the last week or so has been like spring - 65 sunny, with a slight breeze. one morning, i stepped outside, breathed in the air and thanked the lord winter was behind us and summer was on its way. then i remebered it was november. well, i wanted to enjoy as much of it as i could, so instead of taking the T all the way to the pru, where we were meeting josh's cousin for dinner on saturday night, i suggested we get off at park and walk. here are some of the pics i took.


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