Thursday, January 25, 2007

the results are in

the results of a few things:

the strawberries... they didnt last very long...

of sitting on the couch ALL DAY on sunday. i didnt even put clothes on. i just sat around in my robe all day. the camera was within reach so i took pictures of things that let me sit on the couch. the wasabi peas and josh cutting vegetables for green salsa.

of my father in law's leaving bandit with us. the poor thing thought he was abandoned and spent the first night with a racing heart and bursts of hope every time it looked like someone was here to pick him up or we were going to take him home. he stayed by the door waiting for chris to come back for him all evening and all night. you could see the sadness and confusion in his eyes. it broke my heart to see him so scared. he has been with us two days and is finally settling in.

i walked a dog for the first time wednesday morning! go me! i also forgot the bags and the shovel, so i broke a law.... and then this morning i remembered the bags and shovel but he was so far inside the bush that you couldnt even see anything! and he got me out of bed 30 minutes early and i was in my pjs, and hells if i am going to root around under a bush looking for poop at 6:30 in the morning in 20 degree weather. no thanks. so that's two days in a row i broke the law! i am on a roll!

of trying new recipes. this one was a roast vegetable frittata. it was extremely good, but not enough for dinner, even when served with a salad. maybe next time i host a brunch.

of nicole's birthday celebrations! here is a great picture of leslie/harold. we went to match, which, as marcie said, was very new york. i liked it and would def go back. the prices are a little steep but my cappucino martini was fantastic.


Blogger Leslie said...

awww, you posted a pic of me. I feel so special:o)

1:44 PM  
Blogger Deepa said...

you are special! and smiley:)

3:26 PM  

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