Friday, February 16, 2007

ego boost

today i saw a father of a high school classmate. i wasn't really friends with this classmate - we had a few classes together through the years, but we ran in different circles and had different friends. i don't think i even talked to her in school, let alone socialized with her outside of school. i had never met her father. until today. he heard my name and immidiately said, "oh! the fantasitc writer! i remember your pieces from high school! it is good to finally meet the famous author."

i was stunned. yes i wrote for the paper and was co-editor of the literary magazine (ahh the power struggles between me and kevin ) but i didn't think the parents read what i wrote, let alone remembered them 8 years later.

it was better than a million eye compliments. and that is saying a lot..


Anonymous Allie said...

Cool! I want to know whose dad you're talking about, email it to me :)

10:22 PM  

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