Sunday, February 04, 2007


there hasn't been much to report. been cooking some, hugh laurie-dvding it some some, and housekeeping some. i got the brunt of the duties this weekend, since josh went and got the car inspected in the bitter cold. which is all well and good, until i tried to leave for laura's superbowl party and it made a sad noise. i was much aquainted with dying engines when max was umm.. dying.. so i hope this can be cleared up with a simple jump. we are waiting for the guy to come as i type.

other than domestic life, not much has happened. a young girl, new to this country, picked me up at the bus stop last week, so we got together for coffee this afternoon. she is very sweet and i can't wait to introduce her to H&M:)

made risotto again and had a charged battery, so below is a pic of my butternut squash and bacon risotto - extremely good. not sure if i like this or the mushroom better... but do i know there are more risotto experiments in my future. maybe enough to warrent a risotto pan? i will discuss with the boy.

also went to abbey's bachlorette party in nyc last weekend. a good time was had by all. went for kosher japaneese food and then back to one of the bridesmaids' flat for cupcakes! ahh crumbs, how i have missed thee. it was a big day for cupcakes, since jackson and i went to pick some up at magnolia's after brunch. and no, there is not such thing as too much buttercream. i looked up the recipe for buttercream once, wanting to make some myself, but was quickly put off by the ingredients. the phrase "ignorence is bliss" applies quite nicely to buttercream. i just typed buttercream a lot. one more time: buttercream.

also had some good QT with my darling B. we watched youtube and laughed about foodnetwork hosts that show too much cleavage and have scary smiles and pronounce italian words like they are teaching italian to monkeys. it was good to see her again.

last night saw allie when she was in town for the weekend, which was nice. she is off to the southwest tomorrow and i probably won't see her until may or june. hopefully we can get out there to visit, but with the five weddings this year, travel funds are tight. it was good to see both her and jay though.

here are some pics from the last week or so. enjoy while i wait for the car guy:)

scallops at the very nice french place becca and i went to last friday night. after dinner i met her new beau and i HIGHLY approve. he is a sweetie.

my until recently estranged friend jackon took me to a coffee bean store. i got semi high once off second hand pot at a john foghery concert. this place was way worse - i buzzed and crashed in about 10 minutes from the smell alone....

my risotto! the pic isnt that great though... not quite sure how smittenkitchen does it...


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