Thursday, March 08, 2007


so i think the excitement of this new place has led me to get ahead of myself - lots of carts before horses (although, i always thought that the cart before the house is the best way to do things while going down a very steep hill; since then the horse's back legs are not being bumped by the cart - but i digress).

from talking to B last night, i found that i may have led people to believe that we have aready signed the deed and are moving in at the end of the month. although it feels like we have a new place, that is far from the truth. they just accepted the offer. we will have to do the inspection and look closely at all the bills on that house for the past year. if for whatever reason the house doesn't pass, or there is something major that needs to be updated that we do not want to tackle, then we will walk away. similarly, if the heating or electric for this place is through the roof and we don't think it is reasonable, then we will walk away. i am still very excitied and am eager to move on, but am keeping the fact that this may not be the place for is in the back of my mind.

one step at a time.

AFTER we look at the inspection results and the monthly costs to have heat and hot showers, THEN we need to do a sit down of the pros and cons. it will be Chng vs. Dnkr - if we can do it and we are ready, let's do it! vs. just because we can doesn't mean we should.

i am sure some of you will be getting phone calls in the upcoming weeks:) send any house buying success and horror stories my way!


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