Sunday, March 04, 2007


so we saw a house today we LOVED. it is huge, recently redone, lots of sunlight, finished attic (which is the master suite) and we love it. but it is $$$. which means i will have to be a foodie on haitus - less dinners out, less ABP for lunch, no highlights and fancy haircuts, just basic cutting back. even if we don't get this house, mortgage payments in the near future means less money requiring activities and more lunches made at home. ah well... reality is setting in. but we still love it. i am on that "i want this house" high. we will see what the mortgage lady says tomorrow and go from there.

have been doing much cooking recently. made ravioli and gnocchi over the long weekend for tufts people and then some dishes here and there. some pot pie for the girls (not pictured) in which i was very disappointed; didn't come out nearly as well as last time. made some baked carbornara, which was too heavy for me. the only ingredients were cream, milk, cheese, pasta and bacon. we tossed half of it because it was making my stomach angry.

the TASA show friday was fantastic! it flew by, the skits were hilarious and of house, divya was wonderful as a dancer and a comedian. students in the performer section and recent grads in the audience kept yelling out their years (OOO-six! OOO-eight!). so in between acts, everyone else joined in. i yelled out OOO-three! and heard some classmates echo my shouts. everyone laughed at a "NINEty-NINE!" and my mom even yelled out "SEVEN-ty EIGHT!). it was funny. i forgot my camera, so no pics of the dancing and my sister hamming it up on stage; hopefully she can send me some her friends took.

hmm.. what else? not much. i am trying a bunch of asian recipes this week. they seem really light and i think that is what josh and i need right now. will update you all on how those come out.

here is a close up of some ravioli and tortellini. the latter was incredibly time consuming to make and i needed thinner dough to make it work. maybe for the next girly pasta night when we have more hands to fold.

more pasta shots. as you can see, my "half moons" need work.

the complete line up. you can see the gnocchi in the background. for more pics, check out my flickr account.

made a great pizza last week. in the past, i have made these pizzas and then josh would pour hot sauce and salt all over my creations and i would get upset. so this time we topped our own. i am not saying it was a competition, but if it was, i would have won. too much hot sauce makes for a wet pizza... i am just saying:)

here is the heart attach in a bowl. def not a repeat recipe, much too rich.


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