Saturday, March 29, 2008

photo catch up

One of the perks of being married to a (hot) doctor: Fernando busted up his food at indoor soccer that day and his wonderful wife wrapped it for him. With a smile, of course:) 

Went to dinner at an author's house in SF and took some pics off his deck at sun set. It was a little cloudy that day, but on a clear day you can see the bay and the city perfectly.

I got to see Steve and Jen (I hadn't seen them since their engagement, missed the wedding AND the post wedding Philly reception). After a great brunch, we went to see their place. (I am trying him his bullet proof vest here) You can't really tell in this picture, but Jen has an insane design sense and I kind of want to fly her in to do our place... They had this great painting in their bedroom that I instantly coveted. When I found out they got it in Union Square, that's where Divya and I headed after we left. And we each bought one. 

Speaking of Union Square... While we were looking at art, behind us, on the grassy area, the "pillow fight for peace" was taking place. We had no idea until we started inhaling feathers. Feathers were EVERYWHERE. When I changed trains at the station four hours later, feathers were still floating around and piling onto the tracks. Now we just need a pillow fight to fight littering... 


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