Monday, July 28, 2008

why. so. serious.

so josh and i saw the new batman move last night. here are a few thoughts. IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN IN AND WANT TO - DO NOT KEEP READING. spoilers ahead.

ok - so first. i was kind of shocked about the whole rachel thing. i wanted batman to hear the end of that phone call, because that would have made saving harvey so much more painful, but alas, they went they other way. it sucks, because, besides alfred, i felt like she was one of the few links to bruce's past. ah well. i though maggie did a better job than the wooden katie.

i wanted ONE more movie until gordon became commissioner. i felt like it all happened too fast.

the violence. the PG-13 rating almost made it MORE violent. there was little blood, little gore, but they way things were shot left much to the imagination. you can tell that things were edited out post production. we never see the pencil in the ear, but we know it is there. we never hear the chinese guy screaming while he burns to death, but we know he is there. we never see the joker cut any faces, but we know it happens. i would close my eyes in anticipation, but the gaps in the action my brain closed for me was def R-rated. shudder.

oh laurie - you were SO good in the first one. what happened? i miss michael keaton.

anything i say about heath ledger has already been said. will he get an oscar? maybe. the academy owes him one for brokeback, this may be their chance to make it up to him. i was not sure what the hype was all about until the last third of the movie. if his death was accidental, fine. if not, then one could almost interpret his performance here as a cry for help. then again, he may just be that good an actor.

i hate hate hate hate hate hate HATE the lidless eye. whatever. aaron is still on my list. yum. i also thought this was going to be a "two-face kills the joker"/"seven" type thing, so two-face would just be introduced in this movie. i was saddened by the fact that that was it. i also didn't like that cillian was in it for like 30 seconds. it seemed pointless.

i loved that they didn't kill the joker but hate that he will never be a part of the franchise again. such a loss.

oh - did anyone else notice that tommy lee jones was on the ID card on harvey's father's body? nice touch - even though the movie was a disgrace...



Blogger Tracey said...

Sorry you were let down. I actually *loved* that the violence was un-shown.
Maggie was way better than Katie as Rachel.
We never saw two-face's body after the fall; he could come back. maybe. I missed the Tommy Lee Jones touch. Nice.
Maybe Cillian will be back. It makes me want to re-read Arkham Asylum to see who else might be in the offering. A friend of ours who reads the comics more than Tak & I picked up that Ramirez was a player--she becomes the Question.
Heath was amazing amazing amazing and it's just all kinds of sad that it was a one-shot. While he might get the nomination, I doubt he'll get the Oscar. sniff.

10:53 PM  
Blogger Deepa said...

oh i wasn't let down about the violence:) it was just very effective.

i talked to a friend of mine and it seems the TLJ badge was just for a gaurd. I will have to keep an eye out for the details the second time around.

11:52 AM  

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