Sunday, June 22, 2008

little boxes

so, as you all read below, i am working my way through "weeds" and loving it. what gets me every time, however, is the opener. developments make me a bit panicky and i actually can feel my breathing change when i think of myself in a house like that with 2.5 kids and dog and PTA meetings and neighborhood politics and keeping up appearances and all that. 

and the worst part is, that WAS my childhood - a close knit community where we had soccer, dance, gymnastics, basketball, softball, play practice, play dates, summer camp, all that. my parents did it all. and i will probably end up doing the same thing. i just can't seem to come to terms with that. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

...and they're all made out of ticky-tacky...


9:46 PM  
Blogger Deepa said...

cat get the song out of my head!

11:16 PM  
Anonymous Courtney said...

Do you have this series on DVD or are you NetFlixing? If you own, I may want to borrow sometime.

10:39 AM  
Blogger Kiwi said...

I've never seen Weeds, I really want to check it out though.

Don't worry D, life changes - if you would be happy growing old the same way, then you can make that happen and thats a comfort to know. If you think you want something else, there's always time to change - life is long, you never know what it has in store for you! :)

10:33 PM  

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