Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sharon Springs!

Last month, the book club book was "The Bucolic Plague", a nice little read about a couple from Manhattan, who happen upon a tiny town in upstate New York, where they buy a farm/mansion on a whim. The book talks about the immense amount of work that went into the farm, the money troubles they endured during the recession, the reality shows that came out of their situation, ("The Fabulous Beekman Boys" on Planet Green) and the strain all this took on their relationship.

At last month's meeting, one thing led to another and we decided to take a day trip up to Sharon Springs to drive by the farm, eat at The American, and stalk some gays. Oh, and do some apple picking while we were there (just like the Beekman Boys!)

The trip was a success! About 10 minutes into lunch at The Black Cat, we saw the author of the book walk in. Eyebrows went up and arms were nudged. Drea whisper/sang "Bye Jooooosh!" as he walked out and he heard her! He turned and waved and we all sat in shock and then dissolved in giggles. Good times all around.

We saw Farmer John at the Mercentile, and the girl at the counter said Brent was in the back! Two more down! Then, when we headed back to The American after apple-picking, Doug held court for a captivated audience. While we were there, Michelle called! That's almost the whole cast of the book! If we saw Martha Stewart, we could have died happy.

We drove by the farm/mansion and took some pictures like good little stalkers. (For the record, we weren't the only car parked across the street...)

Below are a handful of pictures from the trip. For a full set, click here
The carrot cake at The Black Cat.
The back patio at The American.
Fall decorations in the town.
The front porch at the Mercentile.
A run down house we stumbled upon.
The Mercentile front porch with a mini goat topiary.
Apple picking!
More apple picking!
Old school gas pumps at the orchard.
The Beekman Farm barn.
The Beekman Farm Barn.


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