Thursday, December 08, 2005

24 more days!

not a whole lot to report - mom is in town so we are packing up all nonessntial things and sending them home today. it is sad that i can fit all of that into five small boxes. all my clothes are going into garbage bags and then my apt will be empty(er). so sad. but with this move and the last one, there has been a lot of weeding out of things. and then when i have to move all my childhood stuff out of the sharon house when my parents move, there will be MUCH more of that. it willbe hard to throw a lot of those things away.

spending the weekend with the girls at home! yay! i am looking forward to some serious chocolate martinis and girly time. it is badly needed. there is the picture of me laughing hysterically at nothing in a T station that last time i really went out in Boston and I miss that.

then back here for four days of work, then back to boston for apt hunting and saying goodbye to an old friend, then BACK to nyc for two days and then HOME FOR GOOD! those last two days will be hard. all my furniture will be gone, my tv and kitchen things. it will be me, two changes of clothes, and (hopefully) a bed. maybe i will crash with a friend those nights, esp if i don't have a bed...

other than that - just waiting to hear from josh's moving people. usually they find a place and move the person, but the time they are moving josh without finding a place first, which apparently makes things go slower. i am keeping my eye out (as are some friends) and if i find a place that i really like, i will see what can be done.

eating things have been going really well. i hadn't really thought about it since that night, which is good. there hasn't been much of a change physically, but all the working out has made me feel better mentally.

wedding things are coming along - the band called and said i cut too much dance music, so i just left it up to them, as they know MUCH better than i what goes on at a wedding. need to do the programs this weekend and figure out hair next weekend and we are done! well, until the week before the wedding and a million little things will present themselves. so excited!


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