Monday, November 14, 2005

yay weekend!

after my seriously bad friday, i had a great weekend. B and L came in around 10 on Friday (like 5 minutes within each other - so it worked out great). One bottle of champagne and some old fashioned girly talk later we fell asleep and had a proper lie in the next morning.

saturday was a day of walking: down 34th st, into shops, to murray hill (nostalgic tear), to blouses fitting, to union square for some free wine, around B&N (with some serious sitting) and then to Grammercy to a dinner at Tabla! After two and a half years, I finally went, and it was everything I thought it would be! Sigh... I love eating out at fancy places and being full and not stuffed and knowing that although it is a major splurge, I can afford it. I am all grown up!

Sunday when everyone left, the apt was very empty and quiet, so of course I finished reading The Shining and got VERY scared and didn't fall asleep til like 3am. But it's ok. There is no lady in my tub. No lady in my tub. No lady in my tub. And nothing at the window. Gah.

Josh had a rough weekend, and I was sad I couldnt give him the phone time I wanted to give him, but we had a nice chat on Sunday evening when he got back to school and all is good.

11/11: oatmeal, banana, cookie, yougurt, celery and PB, bowl of pasta, chicken breast, couscous, two glasses champagne / no gym

11/12: a crepe, tuna melt, crab cake with avacado, naan, salmon with indian vegetables, chocolate souffle. three glasses wine / no gym but walked around a LOT

11/13: french toast, coffee, pot pie, some mashed potatos and a little mac and cheese / got lost in The Overlook and missed yoga, so no gym


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