Tuesday, November 29, 2005

thank allie

you have allie to thank for this one - her adorable plea brought me back.

lets see, italy was great. got some solid down time with my sister and we even kept the bickering down to a minimum! on monday i took the train to bologna to see a friend from college whom i hadn't seen in year. it was really great to see an old face. got some gossip, shared some gossip - got to see a very cute italian city. i really liked bologna.

then putzed around rome for a few days, did a lot of walking, some shopping. i had been there twice and had done the tourist thing both times, so no standing in line for the vatican, no museums, not paying 15 euros to see the inside of the colleseum. She had had several visitors recently and was also in no hurry to do it all again, so it worked out fine. I splurged on a pair of sunglasses, and am having a slight case of buyer's remorse, but oops - can't return them now!

Thursday i didn't even leave the flat - and found out the hard way how much work goes into Thanksgiving dinner. We searched the city for cranberries but to no avail, but still managed to have turkey (done by yours truly) and stuffing from scratch (done by yours truly), mashed potatoes, green beans (I made cream of mushroom soup from scratch as well - but with no blender you can imagine how appetizing it was... ugh), home made bread, stewed pumpkin and three types of pie and caramel rolls. it was awesome. i thought i was going to hurl. i also met a lot of divya's friends and approved of them all. one of them was very impressed that a certain frat brother is going to be in my wedding - he is part of the frat and said friend is a bit of a legend there.

friday blew as there was a travel strike and i spent 9 hours in the airport. i got home at 10 and slept for 36 hours. the only times i got up was to make pasta for lunch and let the sushi delivery guy in. no joke.

sunday was more sleep and then i worked off some of the atrophy at the gym and monday was back to the grind.

oh - and i quit my job on monday - no drama, they were expecting it.

oh - for all of those whom i called in a panic, my dad is doing fine. my mom is not so hot, since it was her car that he totaled. poor bmw. they called me yesterday from the toyota place - she is looking at getting a hybrid. i hope the get the same car as before though, i really liked it, and more importantly, she really liked it.

less than 5 weeks people! i still have to find time to alter my blouses... i have no idea when that will get done...

oh well.


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