Monday, December 12, 2005

Fantastical weekend of fun

last weekend, i was in a better mood that i have been in in AGES. my mom and i were as silly as can be on the drive home thursday night (missed out on drinks with friends, but it was good, bc the snow came down hard all day friday in boston). friday, since we were snowed in, my mom and i cleaned and cleaned and organized and organized. boxes going to the yet unattained apartment are being filled quickly, my room is once again becoming mine again, and suitcases for the honeymoon and india are also being put togther. i can't believe it is happening already.

we did a lot of wedding things as well - bought favor boxes and the placecards (on which my loverly sister wife will be gracing with her loverly handwriting:)) and looked at the lists one more time. the math is not working out for some reason, so we have to go over everything with a fine toothed comb next weekend, but it should all be fine. deciding table settings will be a challenge but we still have some time on that as well.

then it was off to boston for a night out with the girls! i cannot beLIEVE how cheap everything was - a round of drinks and a huge dinner AND a cab ride for under $70. insanity. i cannot wait to move back. there were lots of giggles after dinner ("nicaragua is not a country, DUMBASS!" and "sara. PENIS!") and a lazy say the next morning. on top of everything i got to see someone order the chillirama burger (10 huge patties, 20 strips of bacon, and five pounds of fries). i wonder if he finished....

an uneventful train ride later and i was back home in the silence. four more nights! then home again and then back here with my mom and then home for good! SO excited (can you tell?)


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