Thursday, April 27, 2006

back in the saddle - kind of

so it has been a while since i last updated due to a slew of events. i have several blog ideas swimming in my head from these events, but the events are still in process, so i havent had time to devote the several hours needed for said writing projects - so here is a quick recap:

got pretty sick for a week and was in bed at 5 everday after work. it sucked.

recovered in time to go to the cape with the boy for his bday and a relaxing weekend, which was very fun, if not uneventful. met the cutest couple ever - mark and greg who ran the hoighty toighty grocery store near the inn. still have the focaccia they sold me (which might have outlived its shelflife by now...)

got back to a HUGE project at work which took all my time and energy. i was put in charge, which was nice, but also stressful. but i got to know a lot more people here, so that was one good thing that came of it.

went to celebrate the oldness of my dearest friend in nyc and had a marvelous time. came home late from the bar and was a bit of an ogre in my sleepy state, and for that i apologize. saw a baseball game, my old apartment, my old neighboorhood and the bus station again. ahh memories..

went out with an old friend and managed to get through a beer with minimal awkwardness. it was nice to see him again.

went out with co-workers last night only to get drunk off of one FIT - three shots of tequila that tasted like a jolly rancher. then went to dinner with the boy's friends a wee bit tipsy, but i think it made the thai taste that much better

and here we are. i promise i will give more details and anecdotes soon... not sure when, as i am meeting with tufts peeps tom night, saturday is booked solid and sunday i am having my mom's friends over for tea

did i mentioed i skipped book club this week and may have to skip book club #2 on sunday? i am going to try not to, bc i will not be pleased... poo to being too exhausted from doing this things you dont want to do to enjoy the things you want to do.


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