Wednesday, June 28, 2006

¡hagan bulla!

so i think i can dance! salsa lessons are going very well, and although i am in second place as teacher's pet, i am really enjoying myself:) last night we learned the mereingue, who is by far the easiest dance in the world. you just march in place and swing your hips and the guy just turns you around or himself around and that is all. easy peasy.

the actual salsa is a wee bit harder and i am still have issues with the turn. josh and i practiced on the porch when we got home last night and it probably scared the neighnors. i honestly think it is my shoes. i need ones that dont have as much friction so the turn in more fluid. right now, i seem to be pedaling along with my left foot which makes me move to the right. not good.

saw my mom last night! she is home safe and sound. i got a black sari as requested in lieu of a little black dress and will probably wear that to the upcoming wedding festivities. some of the stories she told were insane. i can't wait to have some real downtime with her on friday - we are going to tend to the waterlogged veggie garden.


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