Monday, August 21, 2006


so apparently, bushy eyebrows are the new rage on the runway. after only 10 years of threading and tweezing and trying to prune the hairy catipillars that live above my eyes, they are suddenly "fashionable".

its funny. as much as i toot my own horn, and i know you all HATE it, i really don't like many of my features. sure i tan quickly and was lucky enough to get my dad's eye color, but everything else had been a bit of a curse. too short, gain weight around the middle VERY quickly, thin hair, HUGE toes, big nose, suitcases under my eyes. the bane of my beauty existence, however, HAS to be my persian-esque facial hair. eyebrows, no wait, eyeBROW, so long and thick it looks like the mcdonald's logo. in 6th grade, i was told i had werewolf eyebrows to a chorus of laughing 11 year olds, in 10th grade i was told they were the reason i didn't have a boyfriend. i hate them with all my heart. (you all may think i am overreacting. just look at pics from sophomore year of HS. post glasses but pre threading. it ain't pretty)

for the last 10 years i have been threading them. for the past 8 months i have been trying to find a decent threader who doesn't live in providence, but to no avail. the persian lady on comm ave made them spider web thin, the indian lady in union square was good but i got a weird vibe, the young lady on newbury street did a fantasic job - for $35.

i guess this post doesn't really have a point. thick eyebrows on the runway are not going to stop me trying to find someone who can tame them. it's just funny what we do to ourselves to get what we believe is the ideal. who dictates the ideal - us? them? the boys we like? the cover of cosmo? i don't know. it's just funny that today my thick eyebrows are considered brooke sheilds beautiful and next year the trend will be huge nostrils or small hands or albino white skin. who knows. and really, who cares?


Blogger Tracey said...

At least eyebrows like this aren't the rage: Thufir Hawat played by Freddie Jones in the David Lynch version of Dune.

11:28 PM  

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