Tuesday, August 15, 2006


august is turning out to be quite the month. after a lazy july i am certainly ending the summer with a bang. here is a quick recap and then i will let you know what is in store for me and the boy. keep in mind that june and july were spent the follwing ways: come home from work, go to the gym, bbq dinner, eat on couch, sleep. the weekends were fairly the same... relaxing but uneventful...

first week
monday: i skipped book club bc of sheer exhaustion. i dont know why i was so tried but i was. and i read the book and everything (lovely bones - quietly sad) oh i know wny, i had the world's worst cold. ever.
thursday: off to DC to visit bess! of course i had was still sick and probably shouldnt't have gone, but we did anyway. we packed carrots, yogurts, apples and cantaloupe and still managed to dine on Burger King that night for dinner.
Friday: arrive in DC midday and go look at old planes (and china!) and out to tapas in a very fancy tapas place. i was heavily medicated and was fighting off a fainting spell at dinner
saturday: slept in and then went to see will ferral and ali G. HIGHLY reccomend and then out to dinner with the DC gang
sunday: brunch and walking around georgetown and then i drove for 8 whole hours. unmedicated mind you:) somewhere in CT josh took over, which i was upset about since i wanted to hold it over his head that i drove the whole way home. safety first, apprently...

second week
monday: we both called in sick and lounged around ALL DAY. the awesomity cannot be described (and yes, that is a word... now)
wednesday: straight from work to harvard square to border cafe for sara's 25th dinner. had a great dinner and then promptly passed out after leaving the restaurant. a nice looking nurse man helped and then we all went to finale and i drank water and it was good.
friday: took a personal day. the morning was cleaning the doing errands around the house. then left at 11:30 to meet up with sara for her goodbye to boston. we went to fanuiel hall, beacon hill (where she shook john kerry's tree - literally, they didnt have sex - ew) the north end for some people watching and then back to my place to for much needed sitting. then we went to her place for her slumber party, where the guest of honor promptly fell asleep. then becca came and then fun really started:)
saturday - woke up at 7 to go to the beach, which was all kinds of fun. albeit a bit cold, we still managed to get some sun and eat some ice cream at a farm. got back to my place and showered and then off to the goodbye/birthday party! i had a blast and lasted til 3, but by then i had been up for 20 hours and was getting cranky.
(not doing anything on) sunday: up at 11 to make waffles for my darling becca and the off to sara's (AGAIN!) to say out last goodbyes before she left for good. then we went home and as soon as becca left with drew, i fell alseep.

week 3
tuesday: salsa class (which i missed last week due to the plague)
wedneday: dinner at the hungry I for restaraunt week! yay!
friday: lunch at OM for restaurant week and then dinner at tangeirino for my dad's 60th bday! (also restaurant week...)
saturday: beach
sunday: dad's actual bday, so i am sure i will be heading over there at some point

week 4
tuesday: salsa and House season 2 comes out on DVD (already in my brand new netflix queque)
wednesday: book club
thursday: pal's mendhi party in stoughton - yay!
friday: bess in town, not sure what the plans are. dare we say it - dinner for restaruant week?
saturda: pal's wedding! yay!
sunday: tentative plans for a BBQ, not sure what is going on though

week 5:
tuesday: salsa AND my mom's bday - not sure what the plans are...

september will be the month of the couch. i restarted my bridal workout so hopefully that will get me back into shape and ready for that silk dress for allie's wedding.

this all reminds me of my senior year. except i was taking five classes and volunteering and looking for a job. where did all my energy go? why does this seem like so much? am i really THAT married... gah.


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