Tuesday, August 01, 2006

hello hello!

so there is not much to report, but i get scolded when i don't blog and as i am going to DC for the weekend, it would have been a while.

my life has been fairly tame - went out last weekend to jake ivory's, one of my favorite places to go with a group - and then woke up 4 hours after i went to bed to hit the beach. saturday was incredibly relaxing. after napping in the wonderful AC, we went to toro and ate our weight in tapas and sangria. even splurged on valet parking - i felt so important:)

sunday was a lazy day, lounged around, watched legends of the fall (AGAIN!). i dont even really like that movie - but every time, i just get sucked in. went on a badly needed grocery run and had my parents over for dinner. all in all a good weekend. productive, fun, relaxing. i am going to miss summer so much.. sigh.

tonight is the last salsa lesson, so all the classes are being joined into one big party class. i am good at dancing with the people in my class - i know how good/bad they are - know what to expect. but now new people... ugh. luckily the girls have it pretty easy; i just need to remember my footwork. we made jason's olive dip recipe for the party, it came out really good - my dad was practically licking the bowl on sunday:)


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