Thursday, October 26, 2006

5 more years til 30!

so i know i have been bad about updating, but i usually update at work and work has been exTREMEly busy lately and i haven't had time to read my TWoP summaries, let alone blog. and i try to avoid the computer once i get home, bc i have been staring at one all day and would rather fry my eyes on the tv, so no blogging at home.

but then last night, i was all in the mood to blog and BLOGGER DIDNT WORK. so there. i tried.

here is a quick recap of the last few weeks. hopefully i can get on at home soon and upload some pics.

allie's awesome bachlorette party in nyc. had a blast cooking, running around, seeing steve, then riding around in a limo, going back to dip (so so good... ) and then loosing my voice to karaoke. we had a great group and i think everyone had a good time. i certainly did.

crazy week at work.

diwali lunch with the fam and the fam-in-laws. a few awkward moments, but all in all it went well. divya, josh and i cleaned up when it came to presents! and josh's mom got me some very cute stuff from ann taylor - so now i have part of an outfit for allie's wedding! yay! then the sunday of that weekend josh and i lazed around, went grocery shopping and did ALL the prep work for the meals that week. which was good because....

i had another crazy week at work. i have been put in charge of a project and even have temps doing all the boring work for me (yay!) so i get to be the boss. but the deadline is looming and things are getting crazy. it will all be over in about two weeks, and things will slow down next week.

then last weekend, josh was sick and we had his mom and her boyfriend over for lunch saturday, which was nice. then my sister called and said she was sick, which made me not go to a sweet 16 party in sharon bc i wanted to look after my sick puppies. then sunday book club and some pumpkin carving!

oh, somewhere in there, i got a new hair cut. bangs, baby. i will, of course, post pics of the new do and you guys can all weigh in on whether they should stay or go.

then I got sick - stupid josh. and i was really bad yesterday, but now i am recovering fast only have a slight wheeze and dry lips.

this weekend is dinner out for my bday (yay!) the ballet with laura, demitri martin sat night, jason's party sat night and picking up my mom from logan and drinks with my sister on sunday. NEXT weekend, i am doing NOTHING. that last month or so warrents a social break.

pics to come soon - hopefully.

oh - ramdom thought - who picks their NOSE on the SUBWAY? i mean, really people. really.


Anonymous Sara said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! i've been at the library most of the day and totally forgot to call. stupid midterms. i think it's too late now, so i'll try to talk to you this weekend.

YAY 25 years old! ha-HA, now you're an old fart TOO! muah ha haaaaaaaa.

11:17 PM  

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