Thursday, March 08, 2007

fairy tale

once upon a time there were four couples who lived in queens. they all had kids within two years of each other, and then four years later all had kids again. the kids grew up together while their parents toiled away in the wonderful field of pharmacology. then one day one of the couples moved to boston. the rest moved to posh houses on long island. everyone was very happy and many trips were taken on the LIE. long weekends and alternating houses. slumber parties and ski trips. weekends on the cape and meeting up in NYC.

over time, the older kids went to school and moved away. one became a doctor, another worked in business, another in publishing and the youngest followed her father to the pharmacy. they stayed in touch and fell back into their childhood ways. card games, touch football, club hopping, teasing their younger siblings.

the editor got married last year and all the mothers wished the same for their kids. and then it all came true. two weeks ago, the doctor got engaged. then last week, the businessman. we all teased the pharmacist, saying she will be next, that it is only a matter of time. it was actually only a matter of days. this summer, three of my close childhood friends are getting married. when pooja emailed me about her engagement, i laughed out loud.

this summer is going to be fantastic. all we need is a soundtrack and we have the makings of a bollywood film! love marriages, arranged marriages! childhood friends reunited! engagement parties! saris! i cannot wait.

eight weddings!


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