Monday, August 11, 2008


so i needed a dress. badly. i have a wedding sunday and a wedding in september. i also had to retire my favorite party dress, the teal silk number that i loved SO much. countless weddings, parties, special nights out. anything. and it was one of those things where i was just shopping with Tash and we just stumbled on it at Goldy+Mac on 5th in Park Slope. It was $160, more than I ever paid for a dress, let alone a dress I didn't "need".

So 20 pounds later, my boobs are spilling out of the top and the zipper is tres unhappy. oh well, such is life.

today, i finally went dress shopping. thanks to kiwi, i knew nordstroms was a good place to go. so after work, i headed over to where i thought nordstroms was and walked up to neimans. oops. close, but no cigar. i can't afford neimans, i don't really like lord and taylor, barney's was out of the question, sadly. so off to saks! my $100-$200 budget was upped to $200-$300, and i tried on some chinese laundry, BCBG, even Juicy, no luck. I did like some of the BCBG pieces, but they just didn't have enough selection. so across the the sky walk to the mall to try my luck there.

and lo and behold! a BCBG store! they had a great selection and i tried on about 7 dresses and like three of them, but REALLY liked this one knit dress that showed off my legs and hid all the soft bits (but still made my boobs look good, natch). $320. sigh, out of my price range, but i really liked the dress. i knew that if i wore it half as much as the teal silk one, it would be more than worth it. but $320 for a dress. we just bought a house; josh would not be pleased.

i walked up to the register, bracing myself for the hefty total. "this is a great dress!" the saleslady said. "it's right off the runway and there were only a certain number made. also, only 12 BCBG stores carry it. it's a great find!" i nodded, happy to know i was at least getting a limited edition dress.
"so," she continued, "with the 70% off and then the 20% off of that, the total is $76."



Blogger H said...

i think we need to have a talk about your love affair with the word "natch."

congrats on the dress!

8:06 AM  
Blogger Deepa said...

i picked it up from becca, of all places!

yay dress! a triumphant day indeed:)

10:36 AM  
Blogger Kiwi said...

YEAY, I can't wait to see the dress!

I'm sorry Nordstrom didn't work out :( I feel like the prices there can either be great or really awful depending on sales and luck of the draw.

The dress sounds fantastic, and that is a serious score with those discounts hehe. I'm so excited for you, yay! :) Next stop, accessories ;)

9:55 PM  
Blogger SR said...

I love it when you get unexpected percent off!!

9:44 AM  
Blogger Tracey said...

That is an Awesome discount! What a great surprise. I can't wait to see it!

12:06 AM  

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