Thursday, July 31, 2008

eat out

so.... josh and i don't really cook anymore. all our kitchen stuff is in storage, which we took as a sign. a sign to pay for food like our life depended on it. 

so besides lunches out and the impromptu trips to chili's (i know, i know), i have had ALL sorts of excuses to meet up with friends for meals. daniel is in town? - B&G! need to kill some time before dinner? - drinks at Stellas! tarah's going to peru? - shabu zen! just met with our mortgage guy in coolidge? - mac and cheese at publick house! nicole and i haven't seen each other for a week and a half? - orinoco! jess moved to boston like two months ago? - Union! We are passing Hynes on the way to dinner? - Sweet Cupcakes! our credit card bill is through. the. roof. granted, the we have had the perfect storm of summer expenses this month AND we are about to write a six figure check on monday, so a $40 dinner here and there is a drop in the bucket. but seriously, this must stop... 

Daniel's Lobster Salad - they took a whole lobster and shelled it - dill, fennel and some magic. it was very very good.
my lobster roll! this was my third lobster roll within the span of a week. good lobster roll - better fries. 
exhibit 1 of why i need photography lessons. can you say "background picture of an evite"? ugh.
and this would be exhibit 2. poor daniel's street cred at stella's was washed away as i posed my gimlet on the bar and took pictures with the help of an elderly tourist
SHABU! my new love. 
more shabu!
sweet on mass ave now has red velvets! in a week or so, this will not be on my way home. my cholesterol level is relieved. 


Blogger Kiwi said...

Where to begin the comments?

1 - I so know what you mean about the eating out thing, though me for different reasons. My bank account is crying. My stomach is happy.
2 - Those lobster things look sooo good! Drool.
3 - Your photography skills are wonderful dear. If you want to feel better about yours, just go look at mine which are paltry in comparison! :P haha.
4 - Dammit! Now I so badly want to head to Sweet to try their new red velvets! You know I have a weakness for red velvet. hehe.

1:37 AM  
Blogger Deepa said...

aww thanks! dude - real food is hard to capture on film - not like the fake stuff you see in magazines!

1:41 PM  

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