Wednesday, September 10, 2008

it's a brand new day

and you're gonna DIE!

go find dr. horrible's sing-a-long blog online and watch it. now. seriously. stop reading. go now. $5 on iTunes will do it too. it is ALL kinds of awesome. 

neil partick harris - check (squeee!)
nathan fillion - check
produced and written by freakin' joss whedon - CHECK
a MUSICal? - double check
funny, sad and smart - check check and check. 

i love that he wrote it during the strike and put on the internet for free (for a limited time, of course) to stick it to the man. sure he is making money now, but he proved that you don't need to have a contract with a big studio to get things made and posted online, oh, and have it be AWESOME.

gogogogogogogogogo. and then we can talk about our favorite parts. (the beginning is slow, but stick with it. it picks up.)


Anonymous Courtney said...

Dr. Horrible is Dr. Awesome. You should take a look at my review:

This is also neat:

1:02 PM  
Blogger Deepa said...

nice review! i am glad that they are doing so well - there is even talk of a full length broadway evrsion (which i have mixed feelings about...)

4:10 PM  

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