Wednesday, December 31, 2008

christmas and such!

It wouldn't be Christmas without the hats! You can't get the full effect of the hats from the picture - they sang and the tops danced back and forth. 

I like the lighting in this picture. Josh's grandmother has sat in that chair every Christmas for as long as I can remember. She always gets the best lighting. 
The Tex-ass Crew can't do ANYTHING without everyone documenting every part of it on their own cameras. Of course, as this picture shows, I am guilty of it too, BUT i am trying to be better. What gets me, however, is when we all pose for a picture and the poor sap taking the picture has to take the same picture nine times. Or when one of us gets a good shot and we have to recreate it so someone else can get the same shot on her own camera. We all have digital cameras! OK - rant over. 
Sara looking so maternal and knitty with her scarf. I love this picture of her.
Post Christmas latkes! A little on the salty side, but not bad for the first attempt in years...


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