Monday, December 22, 2008

best husband ever

So usually when I get home on a cold day, I am so angry at the world for making me cold that Josh has to run and hide from the wrath that is cold me.

Today was out of the ordinary cold-wise and late-ness wise. I had gotten a much-needed after-work facial, which put me downtown at 7:20. Now, if I took my usual route home, I would have to wait forEVER to get a bus at Sullivan, so I decided to take the T to Davis and just get a cab from the cab stand next to CVS. I needed to go to CVS anyway.

Hmm... no cabs in the stand. People waiting and no cabs. Boo. I should have known that the colder the day, the scarcer the cabs (and it was cold...). Hmm... home was about a mile and half away, not too bad. If I kept moving, I would probably be warmer than if I stood fruitlessly in the cold for the cab that will never come. I called Josh to let him know my new plan and, after much protesting on his part, I convinced him that it was not his job to leave the warm house to come pick me up just because I got a facial.

I start walking and made it in about 35 minutes. And I arrived in a surprisingly good mood. The walk felt good after being cooped up in the office all day and the cold air felt good on my recently extracted face. I came home, called up to Josh and heard him thundering down the stairs to take my coat.

Look! Look! he said as he led me upstairs. While Christmas shopping today, he had bought me some eucalyptus and mint bath salts and was running me a hot jacuzzi bath, complete with music and candles. When asked why, he said he knew I didn't like commuting in the cold and wanted to make me smile.



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Anonymous Becca said...

:o) good boy. and holy mfing crap it WAS cold yesterday!!!

10:28 AM  
Blogger SR said...

y'all are a bunch of saps. :)

8:55 PM  

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