Saturday, February 07, 2009


Hello all! Sorry it has been a while. It has been an interesting couple of months...

I wanted to make a deep dish pizza. Well, I wanted to EAT a deep dish pizza, but Josh "volunteered" to make it for me. Before he started, I stressed the fact that we needed to oil the pan so that the crust doesn't stick. Oil the pan, I said. Make sure to do it. Yeah yeah he said. Don't worry. Seriously, I repeated. It will be hard to scrape it off the cast iron if we don't. 

While the pizza is cooking, we are vegging out on the couch, perusing recipes online, when Josh looks up at me. I didn't oil the pan, he deadpans. I laugh. Har har, funny. No, he looks at me, now laughing, I really forgot to oil it. I think I actually saw my brains with the eye roll that followed. Literally. 

We pull the pizza out of the oven and peel the crust away from the pan and tried to oil the pan as best we could. Lesson learned - leave deep dish to the professionals. 

And now a quick snap shot of our weekly breakfast. For most of January, either I was away for the weekend, or Josh was away or we had too many things going on seperately that we barely saw each other on the weekends, let alone week days. As a result, our past few weekends have been spend lazing around, sleeping in, and cooking huge meals in the middle of the day. Our recent favorite? Eggs, potato and pepper hash, toast and bacon. And juice. And maybe coffee (for Josh). We feast and then watch USA for like 4 hours. It is awesome. Sadly, schedules are filling up again so I don't know how many more lazy breakfasts we will have before spring and summer take over our weekends.

And last but not least, NYC! It was so good to see my sister and friends. Good friends bought a new place in Brooklyn, so it was nice to check that out. It has been interesting to see how my friends are choosing and buying real estate. We own a place I love. Three bedrooms, a real dining room, nice big kitchen, pretty much all the things we were looking for. The "city" in me, however, is insanely jealous of my friend's place in the South End. It is cute, has lots of character, and good outdoor space. Sadly, Josh needs more space than a city apartment could provide, and commuting for him would have been a beast (not to mention parking), but a part of me is still very jealous. I am also jealous of my friends in Brooklyn. I love Brooklyn. I love Boston more, but a part of my always wishes I spent a few years in Brooklyn. Although there will always be a case of "the grass is greener" when I see the places other people bought, I am so insanely happy when I come home and look around our new place. It still needs work (art, new rugs, etc), but I love it. Yay happiness!

Oh - right. Pictures:

NYC the next generation, My sister and friend moved to the city right after graduation, just like I did. They live in Manhattan, hang out with roommates, stay out til 3am - they are basically us, four years later. I look back on those times so fondly, but definitely don't have the energy for that anymore. Fun nowadays means a long walk with the hubby and bed by 10 (maybe 11 if Burn Notice is on...)

Even tough this picture of edamame is clearly out of focus (heh), I kind of like it.

Outside Magnolia's. I was just playing with the zoom, but ended up liking the picture. 
Now I am just seeing what kind of reflections I can catch in Magnolia's window. Interesting, but not fabulous. 

Why do I take pictures of my sister when she is eating? Because she hates it. Why else? 
Perfection in a croissant. City Bakery called it a Pretzel Croissant. It is just a plain croissant with a hint of salt and toasted sesame seeds on top. Two in our group of six ordered one, which we all tried. Then one more was purchased and we all devoured it. I am so making these for my next brunch (Pilsbury dough of course.... who has three days to make croissant dough?)

Oh - one more! I had to take a picture of the boy building our new pantry shelves. The light in the dining room is great and he just looked so cute and carpenter-y, I couldn't help myself:)


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