Monday, May 04, 2009


Yay! Jason and Kim are married! This was the ONLY wedding we had this year (crazy, right?) so all my wedding energy and happiness was poured into this particular weekend. I can't even tell you how excited I was. I think a lot of it had do with who exactly was standing up there.

By junior year of college, a lot of us had paired off (A and M, Jason and Kim, J and K, J and M, S and S, me and Josh), but for various reasons - horrible tragedy or just people wanting different things - many of these couples went their separate ways after graduation. Only two of the couples who started dating in college* went all the way to the altar, and watching one of them get married this past weekend made me so insanely happy.

That said, this weekend also gave me the chance to see all those people listed above in their new relationships. Even though I am closer to some of them than others, I can honestly say that I was equally thrilled to see them all so happy. Everyone just seemed so incredibly content with their lives. Their boy/girlfriends were charming, friendly, and a lot of fun. Everyone was so at ease with each other, and newcomers didn't really feel that new. Dare I say it? Are we actually grown ups? Wow. As Josh said, Jason and Kim may have been the only wedding this year, but in two years, three tops, wedding invites will be flying. 

*Some of them married fellow Jumbos, but they met/started dating after we all graduated.

Here are some pictures of the happy couples from this weekend, but I wish I had more. There are a few happy couples missing from this gallery. Sadly, I had my big Sony this weekend, as my sister still has my little Canon (she borrowed it for her trip to Japan). I was too busy dancing and eating to lug my Sony around, so picture-taking was severely limited. I'll update as the rest of the photos start rolling in. 


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