Saturday, January 09, 2010

different perspectives

Over the past two nights, Josh and I watched District 9 (it was not even 2 hours long, but we both pass out around 9, so we made it a two-nighter). It was an amazing movie on so many levels, and I would highly recommend it to any and everyone.

Between all the action sequences, the allegories, the visceral lab scenes, and the brilliant cinematography, the only thing thing I really cared about was the alien child. Granted, I think my postpartum hormones were having an off day, since I had to leave the room several times because the movie was upsetting me to the point of tears, but regardless, that little boy alien was hanging off of my heartstrings.

The way I watch television and movies is forever changed. Now, stories about children and mothers, well, parents in general, have a significant affect on me. A Law and Order episode called Mother's Milk had me crying for days (a young mother who didn't know how to breastfeed, a militant lactation consultant who made her sign something that said she wouldn't give her baby formula or milk in a bottle, and Medicaid rules that wouldn't let her see a doctor (among other things) led to the slow starvation and death of a 6-week old baby); and even after Josh and I discussed the episode in length so I could put it behind me, I still think about that starving baby. ER, House, and any other medical drama has been banned in our house. Babies and children are dying in hospital beds left and right! And forget about Special Victims Unit. I am usually tearing up by the opening credits and the story lines haunt me for days. All I can think about it the Rolo in those situations and I my heart clenches.

I am not sure if this will ever end. My mother still calls my sister in NYC when she watches SVU to make sure my sister is not locked in someone's basement. Then again, it works both ways. I'll never forget one of my dad's emails to me soon after I graduated college. He wrote that he was watching "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and thought of me when the couple got engaged. He was glad the dark lighting on the plane spared the passengers from seeing him tear up.


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