Saturday, January 02, 2010

where it's snowing....

Whether I want to be there or not isn't an issue; the snow continues to fall. We got some on Thursday, and now it seems it will continue to fall all through the weekend.

Over the past few weeks, Josh and I tried to take Rohan for at least one outing a day. While I am ok camping out on the couch during a Law and Order marathon, the Rohan gets bored. A little change of scenery seems to do him good and breaks up our day a bit. Wednesday I took to lunch with my mom and some aunties, Thursday Josh took him on some errands and to the grocery store, Friday, we went to watch the Bruins game at a friend's place, and today we decided to take him for a walk in the snow. It wasn't the best idea. It was a lot windier than I had thought, and the Rolo was not a happy camper the entire time we were out, in the restaurant, and on the walk back. While the cold, fresh air was probably good for him (and us), I don't think cold, winter walks will be that common. At least in the carrier.

After we ate, Josh took him home and I walked around the neighborhood and took some pictures in the snow. Here are a few of my favorites (plus one of the two of us).

Not amused by the snow.... poor kiddo.


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