Sunday, October 24, 2010

A funny thing happened on the way to DSW

Saturday was an odd sort of day. I woke up with Rohan at 6, hung out with him all morning with my mom and then got ready to leave for a book club/shopping trip outing.

Book club was meeting in Harvard at 11:30, and I had yet to start the book... so I got to Harvard around 9:45, hit the bank for an errand, and then went to the Coop so I could at least sound like I knew what I was talking about at book club. (I got through about half).

Then off to Russell House for brunch! It was amazing - food, company, discussion, everything! Nice work, ladies!

Then off to the river bank with a friend to watch her cousin row in Head of the Charles! It was the perfect fall day; crisp, sun, boats and boats of arms and more arms. I digress.

I was meeting a friend at DSW at 3, but had to run to the tailors on Newbury to drop off my winter coat (torn lining). As I headed back to the T after the 1:15 race, I thought I had plenty of time to grab some coffee before stopping at the tailor. But then I got a call from my mom; she was at Charles/MGH with Rohan! Hmm... I could meet them at Charles and then we can all walk through the park to Newbury. Perfect!

Then off to Newbury! Oh wait, Rohan needs a snack. Off to L'Aroma for his favorite food: quiche that I did not make. Ugh, the line was insane, my mom was frazzled, I was officially late.

Then off to DSW! Shop, shop, shop. Macy's! Shop shop shop. I got boots!

Then, I WAS going to go home, help with dinner and the bath, and then drive back into the city to meet another friend for a late dinner. But her ride was going to pick her up soon after I called her (she was about an hour away), and I was already in the city, so I figured I could kill an hour by finishing my book club book.. Why cab it home, just to turn around and drive back into the city? Off to Back Bay Social Club!

Two hours later, I finished my book and my friend arrived. Dinner at 8, home at 10:30. Up at 3 to help Rohan through a coughing fit. Back to bed at 3:30, up at 7:30 on Sunday.

The whole day was kind of a blur. I was hopped on caffeine, my sneakers were rubbing away at the heel, I was sad when I realized I may not see Rohan all day (but I did, hurrah!), I was overwhelmed by all the shoe options at DSW and was disappointed when I didn't find anything there (but I did at Macy's, hurrah!), and by 8, my eyes were tired from the day and reading by candlelight at a bar for two hours. While I joke about going to bed at 8 and how awful it is getting up at 5:30 every day, how tired I am all the time, how we never get to do "couple" things anymore, and how we are tethered to Rohan's nap and feeding schedule, my day of freedom made me miss it so much. It was a taste of my old life, and I had a lot of fun, but part of me wished I was home to pick up the peas Rohan had thrown on the floor, and hear him laugh as he splashed in the tub, and sit on the couch with Josh and my mom watching Lost DVDs.

College was fun, New York was way more fun, moving in with Josh was amazing, and making new friends in Boston and hanging out with old ones kept me balanced in my married life. Then buying a place and getting pregnant hit a switch I didn't even know I wanted. Or needed. Marathon days like Saturday give me space, and perspective, I need.

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Sunday was bliss. Playing with Rohan (I taught him how to kick a soccer ball last week!), more Lost while Rohan napped, grocery shopping, and, for the first time ever, Rohan seemed to want to hang out on the couch and watch TV. After some flipping around, we settled on "Planet Earth" for two whole hours. He loved it so much; I can't wait to take him back to the zoo. A perfectly lazy day on the couch to help me recover from time away from the family.


Blogger Arestia @ Hiker in Heels said...

You are a wonder woman! You keep me balanced :)

2:31 PM  
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