Thursday, November 10, 2005

sharing a cab

after i met my mom at penn station, we ran a few errands and then decided to walk to times square to meet up with her friend for dinner. but then the rain started, so i lobbeyed for a cab. anyone who has ever tried to get a cab in the rain, however, knows that occurence is as probable as finding a size six chanel suit on the discard rack in the changing room of century 21. but then, lo and behold! a cab with its light on letting someone out! i sprinted the half a block only to find two gentlement standing there.

do you have this cab?
oh. ok. well, where are you going?
46th and 7th.
oh! we are going to 49th and 7th! do you mind if we share.

i think they were so caught off gaurd by the fact that i asked that they said yes. so all four of us piled into the cab and as i was being chatted up by the driver (think archie bunker at 75) my mom was meeting the nice boys from wyoming. i gave them money, humored the driver and then called the shots when it was time to let us out. my mother thought it was cute how adult i have become.

and i thought about it. the me who moved here two and a half years ago would never have asked to share. she would never have known to take 8th ave to beat the traffic and she would never have sat up front to talk to joke with the driver about accidents in new york city. at times my confidence is such that i know that i am a new person. at other times i wonder how stubborn and childish i can be about my own life.

11/9: egg white omelette, toast, OJ, salad, salad, fish, two glasses of wine, a few bites of chocolate cake / 1/2 hour training session, 10 minutes of cardio


Blogger si gracieuse said...

why were you going to dinner outside lehman brothers "where vision is built"?

i feel the same way. finding your way about nyc is like learning to speak a secret language. i love it. like no place else on earth.

ahhhh, new york, new york. i want to be a part of it. :o)

10:26 AM  
Anonymous d said...

haha, we were very close. actually. my mom's friend was staying at the time hotel, so we just went to dinner downstairs. i didn't get a chance to see the big tvs... so sad.

1:38 PM  

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