Friday, November 11, 2005


Oh my god, I just had the worst day EVER at work. People say that blithely - this is the worst cookie ever, this is the worst Christmas ever, this is the worst I have ever felt in my life. But I, my dear friends, am not exaggerating.

I come in this morning to find a scathing, SCATHING email from an author. I sent out an email to solicit reviews for his text, this is what I got back: "This is the tackiest, dumbest, most shameful, and offensive action I have ever seen W. take. I have loads of reasons for this conclusion. Many too many to spend my time on in an e-mail to you." There was more - much more, but it is too harsh to even post.

But I was following procedure. Thank god my boss backed me up and emailed them back. THEN I got a phone call from the other author on this book and she was in TEARS, she was so upset about the fact that many people were asked to review. She said her reputation is ruined, she is going to loose her funding bc now people know she is writing the book, and that we did not treat the book with the respect it deserves. Tears. She was crying because of what I did. I never meant for this to happen - I thought I was doing my job.

I am beside myself. I have never done anything that has prompted such a response. I haven't eaten all day and have been trying not to throw up every time I think about it. My boss is behind me, but I think I caused irreparable damage to our relationship with the authors and my relationship with the coauthor (we had been getting along so well). I don't know what to do. We are going to have a conference call next week to smooth things over, but I don't think I can listen to any more yelling.

I think I am going to cry again. I want my mother. And Josh. And a toilet to throw up in.


Anonymous Allie said...

Oh Babe. I'm so sorry. Just try to look at it like, they aren't angry with YOU personally, they're angry about the company's policy. So they would be angry at anyone in your position. That's what I tell myself when I have to talk on the phone with pissed off parents - that they're angry with school psychology, they don't know me personally. And your boss backing you up is a really really good thing. You WILL get through this, even if you get bruised a little in the process.

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