Sunday, December 18, 2005

gah take 3

yeah yeah - unoriginal title - so sue me.

so i wrote this WHOLE long thing and it went away when i tried to spell check it.

here it is in bulleted format bc i don't feel like retyping it...

  • friday: 7:30 training session - back in bed in my gym clothes only to wake up running late: from 10:30 to 12:30 i fell out of bed, cleaned the whole apt (no furniture = crap everywhere), packed, showered, went to the office, checked mail, grabbed my computer and got to penn station. i rock. sitting down on the train was fantastic
  • fell FAST asleep on the train, so much so that i woke up thinking i was going to visit my friend in texas and flipped out bc she has a cat and i would need to sleep in a hotel. it took much too long to realize i was on a train
  • spent my friday night working on some office things and ended up helping a friend with an essay wen i got bored. which was a lot of fun - i realzed how much i missed being an english major
  • spent ALL day saturday looking at apartments. i saw some things i really liked, but also realized that parking was a much bigger issue than i anticipated. i am slowly coming to the conclusion that asking the boy to deal with all that hassle just so i can live in the cute neighborhood that my heart desires may not be the best idea. am i becoming an adult? ew.
  • went to malden sat night and was SO not in the mood to have dinner with a bunch of my parents friends and was VERY vocal about it on the car ride over (there goes that whole "adult" theory) but they gave me samosas and it was better
  • my mother woke me up at 7am this morning - boo to that
  • so today my mom and i drive back to NJ and i have exactly two days of work, one goodbye lunch, one training session, one haircut and one last load of the car - kind of anticlimactic, but what are you going to do?
  • am currently in the meeting with the hair lady - everyone is certainly going to get a kick out of this one... the wedding day will be more than interesting....


Blogger si gracieuse said...


7:39 PM  
Anonymous Allie said...

:( Sorry I missed you this weekend but I will see you so soon and then you are never going away again and that makes me happy! So if Beacon Street is less than likely, where are you thinking of now?

9:56 AM  
Anonymous deepa said...

haha, not my HAIR, silly, the LADY was NUTS. you guys will all see what i mean at the mendhi thing

shazzer - we are looking in watertown. it is closer to sudberry but there is still a bus to copley if i get the HM job, and if i don't then we have space for two cars. we are going to look at places on wednesday - hopefully we will decide then and it will be done with - gah.

2:20 PM  
Blogger H said...

you were going to visit me in your dreams?? how flattering!

6:49 PM  

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