Thursday, June 29, 2006


so i think i may have to bring back the daily posts on food and exercise, since i have been very lax in both those departments. it is more for me then for all you all, but what can i say. it helped before, maybe it will help again. i know some of you were not fans, but whatever. you'll still love me anyway:) maybe starting next week...

totally random thoughts of love go to my waxing lady voilet today. i already loved her so much, such a great personality, so smart (BS in biochemistry which helped her launch her all natural product line whaich she makes at home, no less) and now so generous. so i schedule my 6 weekly wax and then this week rolls around and i realized that our budget is WAY over spent this month, so i quickly downgrade to a bikini wax. no biggie. so i am there, chatting away, chat chat chat and not really feeling any pain (she is THAT good, i swear) and then i feel her moving to the non beachy places and i am like, uhh.. violet, just the bikini this time. and she is like "oh?" bc i have been so good about keeping up with the brazilian in the past. and i was like, yeah, this month, we just cant afford it. and she is all, "nonono.. i will give you brazilan, charge you french" (about $40 less!). ijust thought it was a great gesture. you don't see customer service like that anymore - not even in the little places.

don't worry - i tipped well:)


Anonymous Sara said...

i love that you just wrote an entire huge paragraph about your brazilian wax.


12:05 AM  

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