Monday, August 28, 2006

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as soon as i upload pics from this weekend, you will get the illustrated version. or, if i am lazy (which will very well be the case) just another post of all pictures.

last week was boring yet busy at the same time. work dragged on while tuesday night held a VERY hard salsa lesson, wednesday night filled up with book club (thank you for not smoking - SO good, go read it) and thursday with the mendhi ceremony for pal's wedding on saturday.

i was looking forward to catching up with Laura, Bess and Michaela on Friday at Croma with some fancy cocktails and good gossip, but Bess' flight from DC was way delayed and plans were squashed, much to my dismay. i had taken a nap and everything! so i stayed up watching my new lover in A Bit of Fry and Laurie. Ah, Hugh. I am seriously considering Hugh as a name now. Lot's of sexy Hugh's - Laurie, Jackman, Grant... I fell in love with British sketch comedy all over again. I had forgotten how funny this all was. It is not really Josh's cup of tea, which is bad bc my Netflix queue is chock full of them, but ff you like that quick cerebral humor at all, I would def recommend it. Stephen Fry (huge in British comedy - played the title character in Wilde) is also quite funny. sigh - i wish i were british. my sister and i used to yell at our parents. why couldn’t that have just moved to england like all the other good indians? then we would have had kickass accents - and probably would have wanted to be american. hey, is that really green grass over there?

saturday was spent cleaning in the morning (or watching josh cleaning, really) and then off to the copley fairmount for pal's wedding. my mom was going there early to do the bridesmaid's saris so i played the part of the extra pair of hands. it was fun fussing over over people and doing hair and make-up and watching the whole wedding drama unfold again. there was a slight pang of jealousy, especially since there were so many things i would have done differently if i had the chance. by the time the party started, i was exhausted. i WAS feeling oh so pretty in the lovely green sari i wore. i got compliments all over the place, even in the elevator with the bride right next to me(which made me feel a bit bad). josh made it through another indian function and we danced to the selfsame band from our wedding (they remembered me!)

sunday was a early wake up call and a drive to ipswich for breakfast and a nap on the beach. beach? you say. yes. in jeans, sweatshirts and wrapped in towels, we napped. the breeze was quite nice actually. we saw a woman go in the water and marveled at her gumption. she looked like a swimmer though. but still.. brrr.

then back to watertown for manis and pedis and watching girly movies while our nails dried. i lazed the rest of the day away, bbqed dinner for me and the boy, and watched james bond for like 5 hours. why? i have no idea. i really don't. i should have been sleeping.

this week is more of the same - salsa, booked club outing, and then dropping josh off at the airport thursday! i am a single girl once more. if any boston people want to hang out, let me know.

oh yes - this weekend i was also going to tackle my stale pepto bismo pink bathroom. the more and more i think about it, the more of a job i think it is going to be. the vanity is like superglued onto the wall, and i am not quite sure how much damage will be done if i remove it. it also has an electrical chord running into the back, and i am REALLY not sure how to deal with that. a fresh coat of while paint may do wonders, but will it really offset the horribleness of the pink tile and dingy floors? i don't know. i DO know that i want to get rid of the rust shelf and put a cabinet in there. that i can handle. it is not that i don't want to do the work, it is just that i am not sure that, at the end of the day, it will look that much different. i will post some pics and you guys give me your advice.


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