Friday, September 08, 2006

the great bathroom project of 2006

so here is the progression. josh really did do about 85% of the work, so the credit goes to him. give him a nice round of applause everyone!


This mirror cabinet was installed when the house was built. in 1883. it is ugly and we hate it. unfortunatly, it is reccessed in the wall, so when we take it out there will be a big hole there. plus, the hole cuts into the pink tile. quite the predicement...

the curtain was mine from hoboken. it matched the yellowing paint quite nicely but made the whole room seem mildew-ey. note the color of the sink (with no vanity, mind you). this pink is also all over the tub and the toilet. it is ugly and we hate it.

yay! new mirror cabinet! josh sanded the hole away to make it bigger and fit this beauty in. in the meantime, the side parts of the hole (where the florescent bulbs went) makes the wall ugly and we hate it. (don't worry, this theme will change soon)

Here the the final product. Sure it doesnt look THAT differnt to you, but there is no peeling paint, no cracks in the walls, no ghetto mirror thingy, no dull shower curtain and no puppy and kitty light switch! hurrah!


Anonymous Sara said...

damn, good job you two! i will be there to see it IN PERSON in a few months :o) huzzah!

12:01 AM  

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