Thursday, March 22, 2007

haute couture

last week's new yorker was all about fashion; from the upscale second hand store owners who rubs elbows with movie stars to a piece on karl largerfield and his clan at chanel. anytime i read one of these pieces i always wish myself into greener pastures. i want to be that fashion forward person who sets the trends and consuls the hollywood and new york elite on which purses are worth it and which are over rated or even just the person who writes about them. i know i do not have (a) the sense (b) the personality or (c) the body to be or do any of those things.

but i still want to.

the idea of spending several thousand on a dress or necklace or purse is something i know i couldn't do, even if i did have the money. but i can't help but wonder what it would be like to be able to idle the sunny days away shopping and traveling. getting up whenever i want and having no real responisbilities. obtaining the body for those clothes with my personal trainer and private chef. no more working all day and trudging the gym and then carrying heavy bags of sneakers and clothes and boots home on the bus. no more eating the same crockpot of lentil soup everyday for lunch. no more daydreaming about working for "a good cause" full time.

it easy to want these things, and even easier to forget that i can afford clothes, even if they are "only" from the gap. I get to eat lunch everyday and then work it off at the gym across the street from my downtown office with my personal trainer once a week. i can afford to give $25 to the greenpeace guy who i passed twice on my way to starbucks for my afternoon coffee.

not sure what the point of the post is. i suppose i want to live the "good life". my life is not very glamourous and sometimes i wish it were. but if that is what i worry about, then i really shouldn't be worrying at all.


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