Monday, April 16, 2007

children get older

so my sister is graduating. my little baby sister. and i couldn't be prouder. her last Jills concert was on saturday night and she finally got to sing a solo. my unbiased opnion is that this should have happened ages ago, as she is clearly the best singer in the group. but her alto voice is better used in the harmonies (or something like that) so her first solo was also her last. she sang "landslide" and it was wonderful. (she also does the rap bit in "pump it" which (again) is the best part of the song.)

the best part of the night was the senior roast. and all they made fun of was how picky she is when it comes to guys. my family and i all laughed at her expense, but also at our relief. at least it wasn't the opposite:)

here are some pics from sat night.


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