Sunday, March 25, 2007

thai me up

i love thai food. there i said it. i love it. red curry. peanuts. noodles. it really doesn't get much better for me. so last week i took it upon myself to bite the bullet and buy all those specialty items i need to cook thai at home. lemongrass, curry paste, fish sauce, etc. it was worth every penny. if i had known thai food was so easy to make, i would have been making it for years....

if you need an easy weekday recipe - let me know, and i will send you the deepafied version of thai curry.

here is the chicken i made on friday. the other pics of are abbey's centerpieces (they lasted a week!) i was just playing around with the macro function on my camera after dinner.

on a more shallow note - saw the new james bond movie on friday. oh my god. move over hugh, daniel craig is all kinds of hot as bond. if you have any affinity for blue eyes at all, i highly reccomend this movie. highly.


Blogger H said...

i hope i have half as much free time as you when i'm done w/ school! i miss the days of cooking and taking in the occasional movie.

i will prob be requesting recipes in, oh, about a year.

7:31 AM  
Blogger Deepa said...

haha - well look at it this way - with the job you will be getting after you graduate, you probably could afford a chef:) but i can send recipes to him (a guy of course, he will be swedish, blond and trained in massage therapy - insanely handsome, but gay).

11:02 AM  

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