Sunday, November 18, 2007


so, if you are like me, you get up early on the weekends against your will. the 6:30 alarm rings during the week have programmed me to be unable to sleep past 7 or 8. so now i am up and one one else is, so of course i turn on the TV and watch music videos. more specifically, the VH1 top 20 countdown.

and until recently, i enjoyed it. now, every other video is making some statement and i feel myself tearing up. images of dying children in africa and iraq and young hurricane victims. homeless vets and mothers burying their sons and child soldiers. this all affects me so much - always have. i could never watch holocaust movies or rape scenes; i internalize so much.

so when i turn to pop music for some mindless noise/images while i tidy up in the morning, i want something i can enjoy and forget. where are my boy bands and choreographed dances and britney and her tastless, judgebale choices?

i understand and appreciate what they are doing - getting those images out to a younger crowd is important. it just bums me out. then again, maybe that's the point.


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