Thursday, August 30, 2007

stuff it

so you know how i was all about using other people's recipes for inspiration and not just copying their posts... right... so that lasted.

I saw smittenkitchen's stuffed zucchini and got all fired up. it was healthy, easy and something NEW. josh and i have been in a recipe rut lately and needed something else. the green minestrone soup I made last weekend was a hit, as was this. I will try another type of zucchini next time though - this one was a wee bit bitter. also, josh got the last two at russo's and one was much bgger than the other, so the presentation was off (but that is not really the zucchini's fault. or josh's really..)

and on the same note, our recently sharpened knives are all kind s of awesome. these tomatoes made me feel like a rock star:


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