Sunday, April 27, 2008

practice baby

well, i think it is safe to say that josh and i will not be having kids anytime soon. or dogs. 

we took care of melody's new puppy over the weekend. although he was so cute, so adorable, so playful, he was so. much. work. he needed to go out about every two hours, starting at 5:45 am. as a puppy, his energy level is through the roof, so we needed to keep his attention or he would go looking for trouble. he peed in the house, twice. we ended up taking him for wicked long walks and then napping when he did. more then once did i wake up to a big black nose in my face. josh and i are exhausted. i fell asleep for about 4 hours after melody and kevin came to pick him up, and josh went to bed at 7. 

i also learned that because he was always swirmy, it was hard to get a good picture. below are some that i managed to get. the others are from my walk home last week. i have started to cut through the park and then walk up charles, circumventing two green line stops and park street. the sun was working against me that day. maybe a class will help me work with sun - something i may look into if we don't buy a house this summer...

we also finally donated the piano to the music school my dad helped found. here is one last look. 


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awww... and awwww. hugs!

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